4 Ways to Improve Shareholder Meetings

Shareholder meetings have been integral to the success of companies for many years; however, there have been changes in the way companies hold annual meetings. Even though a lot of companies held physical meetings in the past, many companies have shifted to having virtual shareholder meetings. This has led to a lot of changes in the way companies hold their annual meetings, and it is important to identify some of the ways businesses can improve their practices.

1. Shareholder Engagement: Maximizing the Shareholder Relationship During the Meeting

One of the first ways businesses can get more out of their annual shareholder meetings is to find ways to maximize shareholder relationships. It is easier to build a strong relationship when meetings are held in person; however, there are still ways for companies to strengthen the relationship virtually. One of the biggest benefits of holding a virtual meeting is that there is no physical limit on the number of people who can attend. Leaders need to capitalize on this by marketing their annual meetings strongly and encouraging people to sign in virtually.

2. Keys To a Successful Shareholder Meeting Presentation

Next, companies need to think about how they can construct a successful shareholder meeting presentation. Because a lot of people will attend virtually, many people can follow along with a virtual PowerPoint presentation live.  A few points to keep in mind include:

  • Discuss the annual meeting agenda at the beginning of the meeting so attendees can view it in real-time as you talk about it.
  • Go over recent financials, business news, and goals so that the shareholders can be engaged and feel like they are a part of the company, no matter how much they own.
  • Discuss proxy voting proposals and results.
  • Allow questions at the end of the meeting with live Q&A via chat or live discussion.
  • Always start the presentation with a hook that will grab the attention of the audience and convince them to follow along.
  • Use analogies and examples that showcase the points the company is trying to make.
  • Use shorter sentences and avoid jargon to make it easier for the average shareholder to follow along.
  • Pay close attention to the transitions, as this will make it easier for people to follow the presentation from point to point.
  • Have an easy way for shareholders to simulcast the presentation on their screens as the presentation unfolds using meeting software.

Use these points to get the most out of the presentations.

3. What To Follow Up With After the Meeting

After the presentation is done, it is important to follow up with shareholders. There might be some people who did not have an opportunity to ask questions during the presentation. It is critical to have a way for them to ask questions after the presentation is done. It is also helpful to collect feedback on the audio and video included in the shareholder meeting. Some people may have had problems during the session, so it is important for the company to show that it is trying to find ways to rectify these issues moving forward.

4. How To Set Up a Successful Virtual Meeting

Companies need to think carefully about how to set up a successful virtual meeting. It is important to clearly explain to shareholders how they can sign in and attend the meeting. Make sure there is a troubleshooting guide available. Professionals also need to test their audio and video technology to make sure it works appropriately before the meeting. Finally, businesses need to follow all relevant state regulations when holding a virtual shareholder meeting. This could include keeping a record of any votes that take place.

Get the Most out of Your Annual Meeting

Ultimately, these are a few of the most important tips that all business leaders should keep in mind if they want to get the most out of their annual meetings. Shareholder meetings are just as important as they have ever been in the past, but many companies are shifting to holding a virtual shareholder meeting. This changes the dynamic slightly, and it is important for companies to be prepared.

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