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What is a Transfer Agent?

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Transfer Agent

A transfer agent is a third party financial institution that is appointed by a corporation, mutual fund or company to act as the master securityholder recordkeeping agent and maintain the stockholder ledger and process any changes to it.

In addition to maintaining the master shareholder list, a transfer agent’s primary tasks include recording ownership transfers (also known as “stock transfers”), the issuance and cancellation of stock/security certificates, stock splits for the organization, general cap table management, and other shareholder account maintenance items.

Transfer agents may also perform the following functions:

  • Dividend and shareholder payouts
  • Corporate actions
  • Lost stock certificate replacements
  • Searching for lost shareholders
  • Shareholder mailings
  • Proxy voting and tabulation of annual meetings

A transfer agent may not perform any of the following actions:

  • Selling and purchasing of securities in the stock market
  • Providing broker dealer solicitation and price quotes of securities
  • Providing advice about which securities to buy
  • Investment banking duties

Find the Transfer Agent for your Stock

In many cases, you can find the transfer agent for a certain company or stock by searching the company on and selecting the Company Info tab for that company. You may also want to visit the company’s investor relations’ website, call the company directly, or ask your broker. You can also search the company’s previous SEC filings at SEC EDGAR Company Search.

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Transfer Agent

What is a Transfer Agent?
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