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It is often said that there is a cost to doing business.  Proxy meeting fees have emerged as such a cost in the context of the business of investing your hard-earned dollars.  These unique fees are garnering more attention as time progresses as they are arguably egregiously excessive and even somewhat punitive.  Let’s take
Running a company involving many aspects of corporate decision-making requires keeping accurate records and imposing a certain degree of regularity in the process. Proxies are one such way to ensure there is an established protocol for voting on various matters that come up within the company. Proxy proposals can be either routi
Before the general meeting of an organization or a mutual fund, shareholders receive a package in the mail that contains a number of documents: financial reports, investment data as well as documents that announce critical issues ─ for example, proposals for changes to an organization's share structure or their mergers and acq
On August 5, 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted the pay ratio disclosure rule that requires public companies to disclose the ratio of CEO compensation to the median compensation of employees starting in 2017. Through this rule, companies will provide investors information to analyze a CEO’s compensation relat
What Is a Proxy? A proxy refers to an agent who has the legal permission to act and carry out decisions on your behalf. A proxy agent also makes it possible for you to vote at the annual shareholder meeting even when you aren’t present. What Is Voting by Proxy? If you’re a shareholder and cannot make it to an annual meeti
As large and small reporting companies get ready for their annual meetings this year, they should keep in mind the new rules involving shareholder approval on executive compensation. These rules, required under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, will need to be included on all proxy cards after Jan. 2