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The financial responsibilities of issuers don’t end once they distribute payments to their shareholders. Escheatment laws are commonly overlooked but critically important.  This process, which dictates the transfer of unclaimed property to the state after a certain period of inactivity, raises a pertinent question: Are all
Escheatment is frequently overlooked but incredibly important in the financial world, including for issuers. Escheatment refers to the legal process where unclaimed property or assets revert to the state after a certain period of inactivity.  This process becomes crucial for issuers as they often deal with assets in the form
It is important for companies to do everything they can to help shareholders avoid the escheatment of their assets. Escheatment is something that takes place when public companies and securities issuers have not had any contact with shareholders over a set period of time. Under this law, states have the right to claim uncashed c