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When setting up a corporation, you must make sure you have the right officers in place. If you founded a new company, there might have been a time when you did everything on your own. Now, as the company grows, you need to put people around you to take some of the responsibilities off your shoulders. Depending on the type of com
If you are interested in building a profitable business, you need to look and act like a CEO. As a CEO, you will be in charge of the daily operations of your company, but you cannot do everything alone. You should put the right people in a position to be successful, and you must convince people to invest in your business. By act
Want an easy way to meet and learn about the companies you are interested in investing in? Equity crowdfunding creates the handshake. Although risky, these transactions offer a potentially high return on investment. Donation-based crowdfunding provides perks and rewards such as presales. Equity-based crowdfunding provides owner
This topic is an all-time favorite, and you will see almost everyone writing about their favorites in a different hierarchical order. Obviously, because of individual differences and halo effect, the choices and rankings differ as there is no well-defined formula for success. Even researchers that use specific metrics to assess