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Shareholder meetings have been integral to the success of companies for many years; however, there have been changes in the way companies hold annual meetings. Even though a lot of companies held physical meetings in the past, many companies have shifted to having virtual shareholder meetings. This has led to a lot of changes in
Overview The Stock Market as we know it has existed for over 100 years with an average of 12% gain over a 10-year period.  These kinds of numbers are prime for those who hold onto their investments for the long-term.  There have been two bona fide crashes of the market that happened in 1929 (Black Tuesday), which signaled the
The SEC has changed its policy regarding resale registration requirements for OTC Pink companies. It allows OTC Pink companies to use Form S-1 for an equity line financing transaction. Once the S-1 becomes effective, investors can sell securities at market price. This policy change dramatically improves the circumstances of OTC