Consult with an Expert Before Your Next Shareholder Meeting

Regular shareholder meetings are an important part of investing in a company. Based on the company’s performance, investors can gauge how much to invest in the future. If shareholders are unable to attend the meeting, they should educate themselves properly by reading the proxy statement before voting on proposals.

A stock transfer agent can guide you through your next shareholder meeting by helping with planning dates as well as mailing out voting reports and other proxy meeting materials through a cost-effective notice and access web hosting service. A transfer agent can help shareholders vote online if they are unable to attend the meeting. These meeting documents provide valuable information to shareholders, and allow them to make informed decisions about the company, before casting their vote. A stock transfer agent can provide all the necessary services and resources for a successful meeting.

Online Proxy Voting

Transfer agents can help shareholders, through internet proxy voting services, cast their vote online if they cannot attend the meeting. It is important for every shareholder to vote on matters within the company.

Select an Agency You Can Rely On

When selecting a company to act as your proxy, you need a well-established organization with a trustworthy reputation. Colonial Stock Transfer (Colonial) has been providing their clients with exceptional and affordable services since 1987. Colonial can help you with every part of the proxy meeting process ─ from converting, printing, and mailing your documents, to assisting shareholders with online voting.

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