Selecting a Crowdfunding Transfer Agent

When you attempt to start any small business or other venture and need funding, crowdfunding is an excellent option. Crowdfunding allows for funding through various investors and entrepreneurs using different web portals. Often, the desired funding involves contributions made by investors, which is known as securities-based crowdfunding. Since this type of crowdfunding requires you to have a transfer agent to be compliant with SEC regulations, finding a qualified agent is of the utmost importance. At Colonial Stock Transfer, we have the experience necessary for all of your crowdfunding needs, and we will make the entire process simple and easy to understand.

We Can Make Your Life Easier

Colonial Stock Transfer offers crowdfunding transfer agent services using a medium that allows both web portals and crowd issuers to efficiently manage transactions in securities-based crowdfunding. Unlike many other companies, we provide first-rate services at reasonable rates. We also provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • Tailored crowdfunding transfer agency services – Don’t pay more for services that you don’t actually receive. get the services that your company needs;
  • Issuance of electronic or physical stock certificates;
  • Direct support for shareholders from our live representatives; and
  • EDGAR filing of Form Cs, Form IDs, Form C-TRs and Form C-ARs.

When finding a crowdfunding transfer agent, you need one that has the experience to accommodate all of your needs, as well as ensuring complete compliance with all SEC regulations. Colonial Stock Transfer has provided these services with nearly 30 years of experience as a professional transfer agent.

Portfolio Services That Are Second to None

When it comes to equity crowdfunding used for a start-up venture of any kind, you will need a competent transfer agent in order to stay compliant and utilize safe harbor protections provided by the SEC. Colonial Stock Transfer offers a different kind of customer service experience which includes immediate responses to inquiries through phone or email, new issuances, after-hours inquiries, and swift processing of online requests. You can also take advantage of our networking opportunities that involve industry contacts of all types, such as attorneys, investment bankers, lenders, auditors and brokers, among others.

When you need a professional transfer agent for your equity crowdfunding needs, you can rely on Colonial Stock Transfer to be the most professional and cost effective option. Our staff of professionals will ensure that you are involved throughout the entire process and are satisfied with the results.

Learn more or obtain a quote by contacting us at the top of the page.

Dan Carter
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