Board of Directors Duties by State for Holding Shareholder Meetings

We have compiled a list of the duties required by the Board of Directors (BOD) of corporations for holding shareholder meetings by state.

In the United States, the power to dictate corporate law is given to the state, rather than the federal government. Because of this, the codes to which public companies and corporations are obligated to adhere can vary. This includes the laws which govern the mandates and restrictions of the board of directors.

This page includes the most recent corporate code from each of the fifty states that have to do with the board of directors. Specifically, we have found the laws which fit into the following four categories.

  • First, any laws which have to do with shareholder meeting planning including record, mailing, and meeting date requirements.
  • Second, laws which dictate shareholder voting quorum requirements for the board.
  • Third, laws which discuss the duties and requirements of the board of directors. These include laws which dictate the number and appointment of directors.
  • Fourth, and finally, miscellaneous laws of note. This area contains any provisions to stagger the terms of directors, segregate shareholder classes, or issues stocks in series.

Every state in the United States is featured in this list. Every law is sited in the universal format, for your referencing convenience:

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