How Can a Transfer Agent Help You With a Reg A+ Offering?

Are you considering a Regulation A+ Mini IPO for your company?

Here are six things a transfer agent can help you with on your Reg A+ IPO:

  1. A transfer agent works with underwriters and broker-dealers and guides your legal team through the hurdles needed to complete a Reg A+ offering.
  2. A transfer agent can act as an escrow agent, if required, through the closing and processing of shareholder payments.
  3. Your transfer agent can help you apply for DTC Eligibility and to become a FAST/DWAC participating issuer.  This will eliminate the need for physical stock certificates, making the transactions simpler, faster, and more cost-effective with book-entry paperless certificates.
  4. The transfer agent will attend the closing call and confirm IPO securities to be issued and that company funds have been received with underwriters, company executives, and other stakeholders.
  5. A stock transfer agent will coordinate and administer your issuance of securities to investors and prepare existing shareholders’ securities for public trading.

Do you want to list your stock on NASDAQ, NYSE, or OTC? Turn to Colonial Stock Transfer, a transfer agent, to help guide and prepare you for a successful Reg A+ offering. Schedule a consultation today by visiting our website at

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