OTC Markets Transfer Agent Verified Shares Program

Beginning January 19, 2019, OTC Markets will begin to require all U.S. OTCQB and OTCQX companies to give verified share data through the services of a transfer agent participating in their Transfer Agent Verified Shares Program. Through their program, transfer agents can provide regular and up-to-date information on a company’s authorized and outstanding shares. Transfer agents will be able to provide this information through a secure electronic transfer.

By providing this share data, it helps to better ensure that companies are compliant with OTCQB and OTCQX listing requirements. Any share data provided will be accompanied by a “Transfer Agent Verified” logo on the OTC Markets website, with both authorized and outstanding share amounts appearing as well for issuers to access. Information on shares outstanding will be publicly available at www.otcmarkets.com.

Colonial Stock Transfer is a participant in the Transfer Agent Verified Shares Program and can help ensure that investors have access to reliable share data. Accurate share information allows companies to build credibility with investors, while allowing transfer agents to provide a better level of service to their clients.

Contact Colonial to learn how we can assist you with all of your transfer agent service needs.

Shelby Wayment
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