Why Choose Stock Option and Equity Tracking Software?

Many large companies in today’s business industry have started offering stock options for their employees. Consequently, businesses are striving to find a convenient and cost-effective way to manage their stock option compensation plan. Colonial Stock Transfer offers a web-based software solution, which provides businesses the ability to conveniently manage their options and investors.

These stock option and equity tracking software packages typically include:

  • A convenient employee interface
  • A separate web-based access portal for individual statement viewing
  • A complete record keeping system
  • Customizable reports
  • Immediate access to all grant and exercise activities

When deciding between stock option tracking software, you should choose one that uses a single sign-on point. This will enable users to access data simultaneously.

Companies need secure software to keep their confidential information safe. You should look for a provider that can install a firewall between the public domain and the production environment. You should also check to see if access to the data can be restricted to set user roles and if it contains an audit trail.

Backup and recovery are also crucial issues when picking stock option tracking software. You should ensure that data from the tracking software is backed up on a regular basis, and has a contingency plan in place, in case of any electronic failures.

Lastly, we recommend to confirm that the tracking software that you choose has a customer support system in place with highly qualified and dedicated professionals that can meet your needs and answer any questions. Colonial Stock Transfer’s advanced and efficient stock option and equity tracking software performs a wide variety of functions, ranging from conducting basic grants and exercises to creating numerous calculations (volatility, forfeiture rates, etc.). To learn more about how our software can benefit you, click on this link.

If you have any other questions, please contact Colonial at 801-355-5740.

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