Understanding Blue Sky Securities Laws

Raising money from investors for your business involves understanding complex securities rules and regulations and federal and state filing requirements for proper compliance. Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, it is vital to consult an expert to ensure that you are compliant with all the necessary securities laws; these laws may also vary depending on your state.

What are Blue Sky Laws?

The Securities Act of 1933 was created to help further regulate the selling and offering of different securities. These federal laws are designed to protect investors from fraudulent activities by requiring securities to be registered. Each state also created their own securities laws, commonly known as Blue Sky Laws, to further regulate securities. These laws vary by state and outline how securities, as well as any registration or filing fees, can be registered or considered exempt.

Why Hire an Expert to Assist with Securities Laws?

Companies must comply with federal and state securities laws. Because of the numerous requirements that vary by state, it can be difficult to maintain compliance with them without consulting an expert. A financial or legal firm is knowledgeable on these laws, and can provide guidance. Without this help, companies may violate securities laws without realizing it.

Hire a Trustworthy Filing Agent

When it comes to ensuring that your company is compliant with the securities laws and regulations, you need a knowledgeable and experienced stock transfer agent. Colonial Stock Transfer has 30 years of experience working with thousands of private companies and has valuable industry experience with Blue Sky filings. They offer affordable rates while also ensuring compliance with both federal and state securities laws.

Eric Mellmer
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