User Friendly Stock Option Software That Produces Exceptional Results

In our contemporary society, software has been created for every imaginable need, both professionally and personally. There are programs for accountants, financial planners, engineers, architects, and many other careers. Now, there is also a stock option software program for companies that offer stock options to their employees, and the software is more popular than ever. This web-based software offers simple and efficient means to manage all stock-based compensation, and tracks all activities regarding stock options for employees in real time.  In addition, it offers other kinds of equity instruments for both public and privately traded companies.

Software That Simplifies Your Life

Colonial Stock Transfer offers quality stock option software that makes it easy for company executives to manage their respective stock options. It offers advantages such as:

  • Various vesting schedules
  • Customized reports
  • Immediate access to all option activity
  • All types of awards, including non-qualified and incentive, and warrants and options
  • Extensive record-keeping capability

Stock option tracking has never been easier due to our software. Our software offers a comprehensive list of features that enables the administrator to perform a variety of functions, all in a secure and confidential manner. One of its main advantages is security measures to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to confidential information. The program also keeps track of employee types, cancellations and forfeitures, exercises and stock grants. It is a user friendly program offering invaluable services to anyone using it.

Areas of Importance Included in Stock Option Software

Our stock option software provides numerous important functions designed to simplify any administrator’s life. This includes a simple way to log in, expensing and valuation methods that are compliant with FAS123(R) guidelines, easy disclosure and reporting methods for both national and international reporters, and various vesting and amortization schedules set automatically according to information the administrator has already entered, such as straight-line, one-entry, or daily/month/annually.

This software not only makes stock option tracking easier, but is cost effective, because it allows you to easily monitor and maintain the valuation and progress regarding your respective stock options at any time, yourself.

Stock option software from Colonial Stock Transfer enables the administrator to access features relating to option expiry, option exercises with both cash and cashless transactions, and more advanced features such as vesting acceleration, modifications or re-pricing of stock options, and expense acceleration. These days, stock option tracking is not difficult or cumbersome, thanks to professional and advanced computer software programs that simplify any administrator’s job.

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